PhD. Agnieszka Critchlow

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Graduated from Nerinx Hall High school in Saint Louis in 1994
Graduated from University of Kansas, with a degree in Slavic languages and literature in 1998
Finished post gradual degree from University of Kansas, in Russian and Eastern European Studies. 
Finished assistant degree in English as a Second Language

Additional education activities

Study in 1994, 2003, 2005 at the Institute of Language, Pushkin Institute in Moscow, Russia
Study in 2001 at the Institute of Language preparation, Prague
2003- 2008 - Organized 7 consecutive International Student Symposia focused on International Studies, Diplomacy and professional studies for 40 students from 15 nations.

Work experience 

1997-2001 - worked as researcher and proofreader for Shook, Hardy and Bacon, Legal Firm, 
1998-2001 - worked as an English teacher for students with English as a second language at University of Kansas at the English Applied Center USA
2002-2006 - worked at Omska Gymnasium in Prague
2001-present - worked at Charles University at UJOP in Prague 


Enemies of the States, personal stories of the Gulag, 2001
Virtual Textbook of English, Charles University, UJOP 2006
NROS- 5 yr EAC review report